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nls support

Hi folks,

I found 1015 packages that contains files in share/locale, approximately 5% of our packages: $ find pkgsrc/ -type f -name PLIST -exec grep -q "share/locale" '{}' \; -print | wc -l

There are apparently 35 packages that provide nls option enabled by default:
$ grep -r "PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS.*nls" * | wc -l

And apparently 28 packages that provide this option disabled by default:
$ grep -r "PKG_SUPPORTED_OPTIONS.*nls" * | wc -l

I am personally in favour of adding a nls option to packages that provide localization file because it moves stuffs like LDFLAGS.FooOS+= -lintl or CONFIGURE_ENV+= gt_cv_func_gnugettextX_libintl=yes out of the Makefile and it makes it clearer. If every localized packages have a nls option, we could choose a policy: either (i) nls is in PKG_SUPPORTED_OPTIONS or nls (ii) is in PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS. I prefer (i) for my servers and (ii) for my desktop, then I have no strong opinion on what should be a default policy.

I would like to know the opinion of the community. Should we offer set of packages that are properly localized by default or not?

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