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Re: Writing buildlink files: optional dependencies?

Am 14.10.2019 um 12:33 schrieb Thomas Klausner:
> On Mon, Oct 14, 2019 at 12:29:24PM +0200, Edgar Fuß wrote:
>>> You'll have to take care of that manually (and might need to bump ABI
>>> if the dependencies change).
>> Is there a rule to put certain comments in the file that will
>> advise someone updating the dependencies?
> No. Packagers are supposed to be careful :)

And for those who aren't careful enough, there's still pkglint to catch
the obvious inconsistencies:

WARN: x11/fltk2/ "../../graphics/MesaLib/"
is included unconditionally here and conditionally in
(depending on PKG_OPTIONS).

I see that pkglint currently has no explanation at all for this warning.
For this particular case (unconditionally in,
conditionally in either or Makefile) I might add a specific
explanation that refers to the PKG_BUILD_OPTIONS.* variables, which are
computed by including mk/

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