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Re: math/py-numpy

Am 18.09.2019 um 07:43 schrieb Roland Illig:
> Am September 18, 2019 4:17:54 AM UTC schrieb Brook Milligan <>:
>> I am trying to compile math/py-numpy.  The native compiler is gcc 4.8.5
>> and I have set USE_NATIVE_GCC=yes in etc/mk.conf.  However, it still
>> insists on building lang/gcc48.  However, I am having trouble figuring
>> out the compiler selection logic in mk/ and friends.
>> Why is not setting USE_NATIVE_GCC sufficient to avoid building
>> lang/gcc48?
> Please run "make show-all-gcc". My guess is that CC=cc, but needs to be CC=gcc since ${GCCBASE}/bin/${CC:[1]:T} must exist.
> I already promised to fix this but didn't find the time yet.

I just fixed that particular problem in mk/compiler/ 1.206.

Still, when setting USE_NATIVE_GCC, you also must set GCCBASE, and
curiously there is no PKG_FAIL_REASON for this case. I wonder why.

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