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Re: bootstrap: invalid characters in path

Am September 17, 2019 6:21:34 PM UTC schrieb Brook Milligan <>:
>I am trying an unprivileged install of pkgsrc on a system where my home
>directory follows the pattern "".  Of course, the
>bootstrap script complains about the "@" in the path and quits.
>Is this an important character to keep out of the mix?  Would it be
>acceptable in include it in this list of valid characters?

I think that a single @ will not cause any problems, as well as a single dot. Therefore it should be safe to allow these characters.

There might be strange side effects in a few packages if a path contained @prefix@ or "..". But that's not the case, and both the regular expression "." and the shell glob "." match the character ".", therefore it should work.

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