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Re: Default to fetching from CDN first?

Am 13.09.2019 um 20:33 schrieb Greg Troxel:
> <rillig-baiting>Now, if pkglint could optionally warn when the upstream
> distfile is no longer fetchable, and cache this so it never checks more
> than once every 30-90 days, that would be cool.   Of course, this is
> disconnected from the choice of where to fetch first.</>

I intentionally wrote pkglint to operate in offline mode only.

Pkglint doesn't try to download anything. The nearest thing it does is
to compute the checksums of distfiles that are already downloaded to
$PKGSRCDIR/distfiles, to fill in the missing distinfo lines. I always
thought that having pkglint talk to the internet would be unexpected and
could be seen as a danger of phoning home, wherever this "home" would be
in the case of pkglint.

Pkglint also doesn't extract the distfiles. I thought about this, for
checking whether the GNU configure scripts run "test $var == yes", which
is not portable; this would make the actual builds a bit faster. Since
extracting the distfiles is expensive, this would need to be hidden
behind a new command line option, such as --expensive or -Wexpensive.
Another possibility would be to check the files in WRKDIR _iff_ they are
already extracted. But that's a whole new topic, and pkglint would grow
much larger than it already is. Another possible pkglint check would be
to cross-check the license declaration in the distfile, which is
currently done by wip/ninka.

Pkglint also doesn't run bmake in any way. Running "bmake clean" would
interfere with the package developer, who may have some unsaved patches
lying around.

Because of the above reasons, I would rather delegate this task to a
completely separate tool. It could be based on the pkglint code, sure,
but I'd rather call it distlint.

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