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Re: lang/rust and www/curl with http2 option

* On 2019-09-11 at 10:27 BST, Adam wrote:

> While trying to fix lang/rust on Darwin, I came across a linking problem which occurs with its internal curl library. (Described here, but their solution does not work for me.) It is build by curl-sys module, which checks if curl with http2 support exists in the system. Apple provides such a library with macOS, but it is usually shadowed by curl from PkgSrc which does not have http2 option enabled by default. When I enable http2 for www/curl, when Rust builds and links correctly.

Rust doesn't pull in curl, so buildlink should be preventing the
pkgsrc curl from being picked up and interfering here.  We should
figure out what's going on there first, unless I just misunderstand
the problem, in case there is a larger issue that needs fixing.

> So, I propose enabling http2 as default for www/curl and "buildlinking" lang/rust with www/curl. That way we would provide more modern curl, and introduce a dependency on www/nghttp2, but Rust should build correctly.

Previously we've done that but ran into issues whenever Rust requires
newer features that aren't supported by the pkgsrc versions of
libraries.  In the past they've used unstable/trunk releases of some
bits that wouldn't be appropriate to upgrade to in pkgsrc.

If they've stopped doing that now then it would be good to go back to
using pkgsrc libraries.

And yeh, http2 should be a default option by now, we (Joyent) have
enabled it since 2016.

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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