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Re: pkg/54412: Patch for codelite 13.0

Hi Andrius,

This package fails with PKG_DEVELOPER=yes. First for some use of == in a
configure script that might not be in use, then for:

ERROR: [] The interpreter "/usr/bin/env" of "/cvs/pkgsrc/editors/codelite/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/bin/codelite-lsp-helper" is not allowed.
ERROR: [] The interpreter "/usr/bin/python" of "/cvs/pkgsrc/editors/codelite/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/bin/" does not exist.

The fix is more REPLACE_PYTHON / whatever devel/yarn is doing to replace

I would do this, but it looks like codelite doesn't depend on python, so
I'm confused. Does it need python?


p.s. codelite seems to open a web server at port, it
should really use CSRF protection!

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