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Re: python and exact dependencies

from Greg Troxel:

> I'm trying to package homeassistant (in wip - partially done), and it
> has exact dependencies on python module packages, rather than accepting
> 0.11.7 when it wanted 0.11.5.

> I have not generally seen this before, and I wonder what our approach is
> in pkgsrc.  I could see any of

>   upstream is buggy and should be fixed to be >=

What happens if you accept the exact dependency and other packages also have an exact dependency but on a different version, like maybe 0.11.6 or 0.11.4?

Then you get a mess.

Bad enough that some packages require Python 2.7 and can't use Python 3.6 or 3.7.

Does homeassistant really require 0.11.5 specifically?

>   one should use some sort of virtualenv and pip, but somehow within
>   pkgsrc

>   and of course something else I didn't think of.

> I suspect that there is a world-view mismatch between pkgsrc and hass,
> where hass says that one should use the exact version tested (which has
> signficant merit) and use a virtualenv within which to set it up, to
> isolate hass from other python users and their version requirements.

What is hass?  I thought Hass was a variety of avocado. 


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