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Re: Bring BLAS into pkgsrc, pt. II

On 2019-07-28 14:03, Roland Illig wrote:
Am 28.07.2019 um 18:43 schrieb Jason Bacon:

You didn't run pkglint after these changes. It says:

       .include "../../wip/mk/"
ERROR: biology/mpqc/Makefile:42: A main pkgsrc package must not depend
on a pkgsrc-wip package.

These paths should be corrected from "wip/mk" to "mk".

The patch is missing the most interesting part, which is
mk/ has not been committed yet.

That's why I stated that this is only a draft that will need to be updated:

'Attached is a draft of the changes necessary for all dependent packages to use the new system.  Following commit of the mk files, we would simple need to remove "wip".'

More accurately, we would probably remove "../../wip/".

After the blas bl3 is committed, we will run all the usual precommit checks and generate a revised patch.

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