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Re: make install clean dependencies writes:

> $ make bin-install
> does recursively fetch the binary package if available, compile it from
> source if not and clean the dir when the dependency is installed.
> One unfelicity: if run not as privileged user, it first su to try to
> pkg_add before perhaps finding there is not such package, before
> dropping root and returning to build.
> I guess that since the logics is in pkg_add this is where to put a flag
> so that pkg_add only tries to define the full pathname of the package,
> and returns empty if it can not find one, so that depending on this, the
> mk chunk could whether su and call pkg_add with this FQpath or, not su
> and go on compiling?

Perhaps, or perhaps pkg_add should have a "tell me if this is available"
which is unprived.

> All in all, I think that the "make bin-install" clean dependencies as it
> goes should be advertised.
> And probably it should be the default (cleaning dependencies work
> directory when installed) when "make install"?

Interesting question.  I wonder who wants what.

Certainly we could add a package-install-clean target, and people could
set DEPENDS_TARGET to that.   There's no particular reason though why
bin-install and package-install should be different about cleaning.

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