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Re: Samba (3.x) getting rid of Perl writes:

> Even if creating such an utility would not be seen useful, it is indeed
> possible to replace the only Perl dependant script in Samba by a POSIX
> bourne shell script, dropping the run dependency on Perl. (Allowing then
> cross-compilation or even simply dropping an unneeded dependency even
> when compiling natively).
> What is the sentiment of others about this?

I am sort of sympathetic, but I tend to think that fixing upstream
packages is something that should be done upstream.

So if you have a portable /bin/sh script -- that runs on all systems
pkgsrc runs on -- and you submit a bug report and patch to samba, it
seems reasonable to then consider carrying it as a patch in pkgsrc.

Also, as you pursue cross, I think you're going to need a way to build
native sometimes, and pkg_add them in, and once you do this samba is not
so bad.

I also wonder if perl can be taught to use a native perl that it depends
on, and how pkgsrc would cope  with native tools in a cross build like
this, conditionally.

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