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[PATCH] fvwm reproducibility patch


last year I tried to upstream a patch by OpenBSD, a variant of it,
as they apply it in their Xenocara version of fvwm. Upstream rejected it
because they focus on fvwm3 now (see the patch comment for the ticket).

Since this is not applied in pkgsrc, here is the patch, appended.
Please double-check if it works, because I had to change a couple
of lines from the other repository and project I used it in
before. The naming still reflects the old project, so adjust as
Commentary: it looks like upstream rejected the request for inclusion in and focuses on fvwm3 fixes.
Irritating, but we have tried.
This patch has been taken from a similar (but not applying as-is) patch
by robert@openbsd for openbsd's Xenocara FVWM version.

--- fvwm/fvwm.c~
+++ fvwm/fvwm.c
@@ -1286,8 +1286,8 @@ static void setVersionInfo(void)
 	int support_len;
 	/* Set version information string */
-	sprintf(version_str, "fvwm %s%s compiled on %s at %s",
+	sprintf(version_str, "fvwm %s%s\n",
 	Fvwm_VersionInfo = safestrdup(version_str);

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