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Re: enabling WebRTC by default in firefox

nia <> wrote:
>What are the current blockers for this?
>On what OS versions does it result in a failed build?

I would guess that it won't build on NetBSD-8.

Would guess that it will build fine for Linux and OpenBSD.

>I know WebRTC will be working on NetBSD 9.

I haven't committed the kernel part of the video(4) changes yet. I can
only test for the uvideo(4) camera device, don't have auvitek(4) or

Also need to update graphics/libv4l to get video working. Need some
ideas on how to test for sys/videoio.h version on the build machine.

Your audio code and networking will work now.

>I've been using it on -current. What's the status on 8?

Doesn't have a new enough sys/videoio.h in 8.

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