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Re: Gimp does not compile

On Thu, 11 Jul 2019, Martin Husemann wrote:

> I had old references on that machine - cleaned all those
> and am rebuilding pkgs now.

My mail got delayed, so it's quite late to the party (switched machines
and forgot to reconfigure postfix as a null client).

Yes, I saw that discussion and fought that battle at the last pkgsrc
branch.  Extracted all the "*.so.* listings from the "/etc/mtree/set.*"
files and nuke any in "/lib*", "/usr/lib*", or "/usr/X11R7/lib*" that
weren't in the list.  In short, OBSOLETE ALL THE THINGS!

Then scanned all of "/usr/pkg" with 'ldd' for anything that reported
"not found" and rebuilt its package.

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