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Re: Cross-compilation problems writes:

> When trying to create the first needed package: cross-libtool-base,
> the configure script chokes because it is unable to create an
> executable.
> Indeed, the cross-compiler is invoked with --sysroot=/ and this prevents
> it from finding the crt0.o etc. to link the executable with.
> So I force it by adding in the Makefile:
> CFLAGS+= --sysroot=${CROSS_DESTDIR}

(I have never actually done cross pkgsrc, but it has long been on my
Copious Spare Time todo list.)

Where are you getting your cross toolchain from?  My impression is that
the cross tools NetBSD builds as part of the full release build have
sysroot baked in to the destdir.   So rather than adding it to CFLAGS,
I'd want to find out what is going awry with the intended plan, because
fairly obviously (but perhaps incorrectly) it seems that the cross
support is already expecting to deal with what it needs to.

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