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mongodb status

You may have noticed a few commits about mongodb recently; I think we're
at the end for the branch.

It seems that mongodb 4 involved far more than anyone could have

I encourage anyone contemplating using it to read the license thoroughly
as well as discussion about the license that can be easily found, such

In addition, mongodb 4 needs c++17, which is a bit more bleeding edge
than some would like, and doesn't work with the stock compiler on the
most recent release of NetBSD.  This of course is a temporary issue; in
another 5 years c++17 will seem like c++11 felt in 2018 :-)

We now have mongodb3, designed to track the releases of mongodb that are
feasible without moving to the SSPL, and without increased compiler
requirements.  It is used by net/unifi, and I'm not aware of any other
users within pkgsrc.

Please let me know if anything is amiss.

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