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Re: GCC g++ 4.4.7 does not accept -std=c++03

Ryo ONODERA <> writes:

> Hi,
> Thanks for your response and
> I have found that I had sent income message.
> textproc/hunspell has USE_LANGUAGES=c++03 line and fails with the error on CentOS 6.10.

That leads to --std=c++03.   That seems ok, but you are using a compiler
which does not support that flag, and may or may not actually support

for scripts to work around older compilers on GNU/Linux by building a
newer one.

Or, you can try to modify pkgsrc to pass a different flag.  If you just
want to build yourself, and not commit the change, you can hack
mk/ near line 179; search for _CXX_VERSION_REQD=.
Basically, when the language is c++03, pass in --std=c++0x instead.

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