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Re: building foreign packages with pkgsrc

> Op 22 jun. 2019, om 21:07 heeft Ottavio Caruso <> het volgende geschreven:
> I have noticed that there is a small but determined group of Linux users who:
> - are unhappy with systemd/network-manager/gnome-isms, not only for
> geeky technical/ethical reasons (Devuan) but for practical reasons as
> well;
> - are unhappy with this new trend of "64 bit only" releases (Suse,
> Ubuntu). Some people need to run i386 binaries for various reasons
> (Wine is one of them. I'm following an ongoing thread on the Winehq
> forum)
> - are generally unhappy with how bloated modern Linux has become.
> I think this is a potential user base that could be interested in
> pkgsrc as a platform (with or without binary releases).

Also, people like me who:

 - are using a stable distribution' but want to use some newer
   software and/or

 - don't want to 'pollute' their base OS (I've learnt better than
   to install random things on my Debian daily workhorse).

I'm interested in moving things forward for providing binary packages
on various common distributions. I've started experimenting with
automated pbulk node set up and tear down on cloud compute services
so I can put my monthly Azure credits to good use.

Relating to the original topic of this thread, maybe there's value
in providing native packages for pkgsrc itself (with pkg_add etc).


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