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re: Using fontconfig-2.13 from xsrc on NetBSD [was Re: libuuid_ul and fontconfig]

> Why does libuuid_ul in base have to be private to fontconfig ?
> On my system libuuid-2.31 is used by python37-3.7.3 as well as by
> fontconfig, so I don't think it would work to provide a dummy uuid.pc
> in base.

libuuid as-is provides a conflicting with netbsd libc
implementation.  it's not safe to link against libuuid
on netbsd without care.

libuuid_ul is a cut-down symbols-renamed version of the
functions that fontconfig needs to avoid this issue and
to also allow users the ability to use libuuid-using
things in other fontconfig using applications without
adding to the above safety issues.

why does pkgsrc think that fontconfig internals (ie,
how/why it uses libuuid) matter for choosing it?  i
think making that not be relevant would be the right
answer here.  eg, just depend upon fontconfig without
assuming something about what fontconfig itself
depends on.


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