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Re: [golang-dev] Re: Moving Go to a newer NetBSD ABI in the 1.13 dev cycle

First, thanks for the heads up.

My personal concern is the lack of a policy or just good ground rules for removing the support for specific os's.
Such a policy would allow developers to prepare, whether their in the dev group or not, and not be surprised when the certain is out.

Moreover, when running services on the cloud, the chance that you will use end of life os is low, and upgrade is relatively easy.

As someone who's doing business with global enterprises (a spot where go is still not catching massively) with thousands of servers some are antique, I can tell you that each time  a support for an Os drops (centos 5, Windows XP), requesting the customer to survey and replace/upgrade in a short period of time is a Hussle (alternatively continue using older go versions is a a lame practice )

I think we should set up a criteria based on:
1. End of life date
2. Market share.
3. The reason for removing the support.

If we can create such a table, developers can raise their requests/thoughts early, and prep ahead.

Sorry for going a little bit off topic.

On Thu, 7 Mar 2019, 23:08 , <> wrote:
sounds good. it's not a big change. I don't think a "wrong" OS version
is rejected.
the changes will probably be:
netbsd-8 has some routing socket stuff(?)
changing the OS version in the binary will change the x86 float control

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