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Re: Dependency on devel/readline?

Hello Hauke,

Hauke Fath writes:
> [...]
> following the recent readline upgrade, a pkg_rolling-replace run errored 
> out with a library conflict that turned out to come from lang/gawk.
> In spite of a readline dependency in (erm...), gawk had not 
> been rebuilt. What would be missing from the package, and/or what did 
> pkg_rr miss?
> [...]

I think it is not a pkg_rolling-replace problem but - if I have
not missed some commits - a not done BUILDLINK_ABI_DEPENDS.readline
bump and not done revbump to readline dependencies (i.e. after
updating readline a revbump was needed but it wasn't done).

readline-7.0 provided lib{history,readline}.so.7.0.0 while readline-8.0
provides *.so.8.0.0 ones.

(Unfortunately, when .la are present in PLIST - like in this case
- it's a bit more difficult to spot that when looking at diff.)

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