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Re: Set MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no for samba?

Roland Illig <> writes:

> Am 5. Januar 2019 11:46:10 MEZ schrieb Benny Siegert <>:
>>net/samba consistently fails to build for me with MAKE_JOBS=12. This
>>is because it wants to link all the things in parallel, which ends up
>>exhausting the maximum number of open files in the system.
>>Would there be objections if I set it as not MAKE_JOBS_SAFE?
> It feels wrong to me. In my mind the intention of MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no is
> to mark packages that cannot reliably be built in parallel because
> they don't declare their inner dependencies properly. This is not the
> case here.

I agree that it's wrong.  So far, setting MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no means that
we should be filing a bug upstream that the upstream makefiles are

> It would be more precise to declare the package as
> MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=retry because the package declares everything
> correctly, it just doesn't build because of a resource limitation of
> the build host. The "retry" is not yet implemented though.

Don't tease people like that!   That would be an interesting option.

> Another idea would be to declare the package as MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=compile
> or WRAPPER_PARALLEL_LINK_MAX=1. If implemented, this would need a
> change to the wrapper infrastructure, allowing unlimited compile calls
> but limiting the link calls to 1 at a time. Limiting the parallel
> calls may also be useful on memory-limited host when compiling
> complicated C++ code.

Yes, but that's not about the package but about the host, more or less.

> Yet another idea would be a package-settable MAKE_JOBS_MAX=4, but the
> optimal value of that setting would depend on the configuration of the
> build host.

Overall, I'd say that if it builds ok in parallel except for hitting
resource limits, then the MAKE_JOBS value is too high for the machine
and configurd resource limits.


  why don't you increase the open files limit?

  How about we add MAKE_JOBS.pkg_path (somehow) as a mk.conf-settable
  variable that you can set to a reduced limit for pesky pacakges.  You
  can do this with an if statement now

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