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Re: osx mpv and swift

Hello Chuck,

Chuck Cranor writes:
> [...]
>     If I add "WAF_CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--disable-swift" then mpv compiles
> and links OK, but the video does not display -- I just get a white
> box with no video in it (audio is OK).   So that's not so great :(
> [...]
> They've clearly been changing the "--vo" options, as I have an
> older OSX system with "mpv-0.27.2nb2" that uses a "--vo opengl"
> ("opengl         : Extended OpenGL Renderer") for its video by
> default and that works fine.
> so maybe "mpv-0.29.1nb4" needs this swift stuff to link to
> in order make "--vo libmpv" work?   and "--vo gpu" doesn't
> work, so we need "--vo libmpv" to work.   but something in
> pkgsrc is preventing the link to swift from working?
> I'm attaching config logs for "WAF_CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--disable-swift"
> (config.log.noswift.gz) and from before I added it when the link
> fails (config.log.swift.gz).
> [...]

Thanks for checking that and and for sharing all the logs!

I've tried to look at the config.log and re-read the mpv changelogs.

It seems that with `--disable-swift' opengl-cb support is disabled
and indeed according the changelog it seems this was introduced in

That's probably not completely related but...
Adam, do you remember why in multimedia/mpv/Makefile,-r1.16 Darwin
started to be handled differently, i.e.:

 | +
 | +.include "../../mk/"
 | +.if ${OPSYS} != "Darwin"
 | +.include "../../graphics/MesaLib/"
 | +.include "../../x11/libXinerama/"
 | +.include "../../x11/libXv/"
 | +.include "../../x11/libXxf86vm/"
 | +.include "../../mk/"
 | +.endif
 | +

(Previously all bl3 were included unconditionally.)

Thank you!

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