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Re: Limiting -Wno-error=format-truncation to specific GCC version

On Mon, 29 Oct 2018 at 14:19, J. Lewis Muir <> wrote:
> On 10/28, David Brownlee wrote:
> > For reference, in the end went with:
> >
> > .if !empty(CC_VERSION:Mgcc-8*)
> > CFLAGS+=        -Wno-error=format-truncation
> > .endif
> >
> > David
> That looks like it just matches gcc-8, not gcc-8 or above.  For example,
> that won't match gcc-9.  Weren't you trying to match gcc-8 or above?

I was rather narrowly focussed on the transition of pkgsrc gcc on
NetBSD from 'mostly useless' to 'potentially useful', and hadn't
thought about gcc9. Gcc 10 is going to be extra fun. I see a few cases
of CC_VERSION:Mgcc-[6-9] and the like - I'll update my changes to
match up to 9 for now -- thanks

(I'll leave it for someone else to implement --spinal-tap :)


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