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firefox -> 63.0 WIP diff

So, I am attempting to update, unsuccessfully because bugs.
Here's my interim diff

Need to do something about clang not having __float128 on netbsd
for the purpose of generating bindings, I thought the
right file for this is servo/components/style/
but that didn't seem to work well.

Also mysteriously I get:
error[E0308]: mismatched types
  --> servo/components/style/gecko/
63 |         .find(|attr| attr.mName.mBits == name.as_ptr() as usize)
   |                                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ expected u64, found usize

mBits is apparently defined in dom/base/nsAttrName.h
and usize should be the same thing as uintptr_t, so... no idea.
Rust configuration error?

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