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Re: vlc vs vlc2 (a distinction without a difference)

On 09.10.2018 17:23, David Brownlee wrote:
> On Tue, 9 Oct 2018 at 16:08, Kamil Rytarowski <> wrote:
>> On 09.10.2018 16:58, David Brownlee wrote:
>>> Does anyone know why we have multimedia/vlc and multimedia/vlc2, both
>>> of which appear to install vlc-2.2.6?
>>> Thanks
>> An incomplete upgrade of vlc to 3.x (due to dependencies).

Actually I think that the reason was a different: X crashes with wip/vlc.

> That sounds like a most excellent reason :)
> Mind if I drop a comment in vlc/Makefile indicating that is the plan
> for any one else who comes upon it?

This sounds fine. vlc2 is there as a dependency for some other programs,
and we want to upgrade vlc to 3.x.

> Thanks
> David

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