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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/gnupg2

Edgar Fuß <> writes:

>>   Sometimes packages find things and use them, even if the bl3 line is
>>   not present.  I checked one of my systems, and gpg2 had zlib and bz2
>>   linked in (from NetBSD base), found by configure.  The base system is
>>   not hidden by bl3.

> I guess pkgsrc should then either provide an option, unconditionally disable 
> (configure --disable-foo) the feature or pull in whatever builtin or 
> buildlink foo is required to enable the feature.
> What's actually built into the package should only depend on options and 
> not the build host and whatwver the upstream's configury randomly picks 
> up from base or packages happened to be installed on it, no?

You are completely correct; I didn't explain that well.  That's what I
meant by "the base system is not hidden by bl3" which is arguably a bug
(which may not be worth addressing).

(Given that it's been linked in all these years, I lean to just add the
bl3 unconditionally to make the dependency manifest and working on all

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