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Re: Webserver users

Le 2018-04-26 20:19, Mike Pumford a écrit :
On 26/04/2018 13:08, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:

The *only* reason we have this mess is to cater to mod_php users. I'd
say let's inverse that and provide a reasonable setup that works for
all sane setups, i.e. where the application runs as its own user and
with a *group* www, if necessary at all.

Whats with the mod-php hate. If you are running a single application
webserver why is that not a reasonable solution? What's the technical
reason for wanting to avoid it? This is for my own education. If there
is a better way to run php applications in a web server with no extra
overhead over mod-php I'd like to know about it.


An ideal solution should be to have php applications depending on either apache + ap-php or nginx/lighttpd + php-fpm... But we don't have dynamic depencies yet. My solution is now to declare a PKG_OPTIONS_GROUP.webserver= apache lighttpd nginx and to adapt dependencies and PKG_USERS_VARS according to the value of PKG_OPTIONS. It just works. I could work on a framework to abstract that if enough people found interest in otherwise I don't care.

What I find annoying is:

pkgin install nginx roundcube

installs nginx, roundcube and apache + ap-php by default. Is it really relevant to invest effort to maintain packages that finally require a lot of manual tuning to be working? Maybe they should only fetch, extract files in correct place and copy every configuration files in ${PREFIX}/share/examples/<package> without any dependency to a mod-php... while we don't have a powerful adaptative framework.

In all cases, my objective was not to start a war of opinion. I just would to brainstorm on ideas to improve our framework.


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