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polkit vs policykit vs spidermonkey


Ever since being imported, security/polkit has had a dependency on
spidermonkey (because clearly a security policy framework should have
a JavaScript interpreter...).  This is problematic on 64-bit SunOS as
the version of spidermonkey required has never worked correctly on
that platform, and recently with marking explicitly as NOT_FOR_* we
are now ~600 packages lighter.

Debian and others also have issues with the spidermonkey dependency,
and for that reason are still using an older version of policykit
(0.105) that does not require spidermonkey, and that is used as the
dependency for various packages instead of the newer polkit.

I know nothing about these packages, so am wondering if there are any
reasons why we can't follow Debian/Ubuntu and others and go back to
using the previous version to improve portability?


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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