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First edition of wip/openblas (and wip/openblas_pthread, wip/openblas_openmp)

Hi all,

I just pushed commit 7c731e8 with the newly created
wip/openblas{,_pthread,_openmp} packages. Those shall eventually enter
the pkgsrc tree in a proper scheme of handling BLAS libs. We had a lot
of discussion about the proper approach. The result is now the
conflict-free installation of the serial/parallel variants next to each
other, and a scheme to select a BLAS implementation as dependency to

Please have a go at testing the packages, and a read of the files with
comments about things to resolve. One question, for example, is if
there should be a fixed default value for OPENBLAS_THREAD_LIMIT.

Next I'll work on wip/cblas and wip/lapacke (separate or combined?!) for the C bindings to work
again (cblas does not build for me right now, fails patching
math/blas). Those are also prototypes for the dependency scheme
(mk/ But first, I need it to work at all, linking
to the netlib BLAS. Then I'll play games with LD_PRELOAD to test how
compatible things really are.

Alrighty then,


Dr. Thomas Orgis
Universität Hamburg
RRZ / Basis-Infrastruktur / HPC
Schlüterstr. 70
20146 Hamburg
Tel.: 040/42838 8826
Fax: 040/428 38 6270

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