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Re: Non-bootstrapping Go, COMPAT options


>>  Now go1.9.x cannot be built in the real armv6 machines
>>  (ex. Raspberry Pi/zero) with VFP ploblems...
> Oh.
> Can you try this with tip (i.e. checking out
> on real hardware, and if it does not work there either, file an issue
> upstream?

Sorry, this problem will occur only on NetBSD/earmv6.
It works well on Linux with RPI B+, that is real armv6 cpu.

I tried to build on RPI with N/earmv6hf-el when go 1.9 has released,
followin errror occurred:
 ovf in Mpflt Float

I think this may be related to Rounding mode of FPSCR and some
fpu handling of NetBSD kernel, but there is no confirmation.
I don't know anything about VFP...

After that, I update netbsd-8 kernel after about 2017 Oct 28,
a kernel panic occurred X-<
But I have not seen this problem yet and not trying to reproduce it.

I'll try more tomorrow or after if I have time...

Yasushi Oshima

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