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now in freeze for 2017Q4

As threatened on 7 December, we are now in freeze for 2017Q4.

During the freeze, I would like to limit changes to

  things that would be appropriate for pullup to a stable branch, and

  micro updates for leaf packages and leafy-5 package groups

So this means the following is ok

  build fixes

  adding patches to fix functionality problems

  adding patches to fix security problems

  micro updates (those documented to have only bugfixes, and in
  particular no build system cahnges or ABI/API changes) carrying
  security fixes

  micro updates for leaf packages, (or a group of <=5 packages that
  together act as a leaf, when you look after all of them)

and everything else, please don't.  This reflects an intentional choice
to prefer stability over having updates for recent upstream changes.

The goal is a boring freeze that we come out of quickly, as soon as we
get to the point where everything builds ok, at least as well as it did
last quarter, and there is no reason to expect more progress.  I am
targetting a week from now but we'll see.

Please update sources and do whatever testing you do -- pbulk, pkg_rr,
or something else, on multiple platforms.  For NetBSD we are trying to
support 6, 7, and 8, and of course the usual versions of all other

I realize we still have issues on systems with old compilers, and
similar issues with g95.  I hope we can resolve those soon after the

Thanks for your cooperation in producing another great pkgsrc branch.


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