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Wine32 on amd64

A few days ago I added support for USER_LDT on amd64. USER_LDT was the only
remaining kernel component we needed in order to support Wine32 on amd64.

First, note that Wine32 != Wine64. We do have a Wine64 package on amd64, but
it supports only 64bit Windows applications. Wine32, as you can guess, offers
support for 32bit applications.

It is complicated to build Wine32 on amd64, because of libraries etc.
Theoretically we could use the i386 Wine package (as taken from the pkgsrc
ftp server, for example), and launch it on amd64 via netbsd32.

I tried to do so the other day:
1. Extract the i386 sets in /emul/n32/
2. Install the i386 version of libpng in this directory
3. Download the wine package from the pkgsrc ftp, and extract it
4. Launch Wine with:

	$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/emul/n32/usr/lib:/emul/n32/usr/X11R7/lib:/home/user/wine/lib
	$ WINESERVER=/home/user/wine/bin/wineserver \
		WINELOADER=/home/user/wine/bin/wine \
		WINEDLLPATH=/home/user/wine/lib/wine \

The winecfg window opens normally, but it is empty (no content). Basically I
had no idea what I was doing, and I probably did something wrong when
installing the sets or the libraries.

Does someone have a clean procedure detailing how to launch graphical
32bit applications on amd64?


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