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Circular dependency (cwrappers) when bootstrapping on Linux

I am playing with using pkgsrc on ChromeOS. ChromeOS is basically a
Gentoo Linux with a slightly weird userland. I am now at the point
where the bootstrap is running, but I end up with a circular

===> running: (cd /usr/local/pkgsrc/pkgtools/cwrappers &&
/usr/local/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/bin/bmake  MAKE_JOBS=7
PKG_COMPRESSION=none MAKECONF=/usr/local/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/mk.conf
===> Installing dependencies for cwrappers-20170611
=> Tool dependency diffutils>=2.8.1: NOT found
=> Verifying reinstall for ../../devel/diffutils
=> Bootstrap dependency digest>=20010302: NOT found
=> Verifying reinstall for ../../pkgtools/digest
===> Installing dependencies for digest-20160304
=> Build dependency cwrappers>=20150314: NOT found
=> Verifying reinstall for ../../pkgtools/cwrappers
ERROR: This package has set PKG_FAIL_REASON:
ERROR: Circular dependency detected
*** Error code 1


For some reason, this also happens when I explicitly disable
cwrappers. My command line is:

bash ./bootstrap --cwrappers no --unprivileged --prefer-pkgsrc
--prefix /usr/local/pkg --varbase /usr/local/pkg/var --pkgdbdir
/usr/local/pkg/pkgdb --make-jobs 7

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