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Re: gmp 6 pbulk error

On 10/16/17 15:58, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
On Sun, Oct 15, 2017 at 08:23:48AM -0500, Jason Bacon wrote:
In 2017Q3, seems to be missing a bzcat build dependency.  I would think

EXTRACT_SUFX=     .tar.bz2

would cover this, but I got the following error in my pbulk build.  gcc48,
49, 5, and 7 all built successfully.
It does. The problem is that the recursion for gcc-inplace-math uses
SKIP_DEPENDS and therefore doesn't get the USE_TOOLS addition.


So what's the clean solution?

Disabling gcc-inplace-math allows gmp to build, but then gcc6 still fails because it needs bzip2 to unpack isl, and it's not listed as a dependency.  ( This I consider a bug, since anyone can disable gcc-inplace-math as an option. )

My first sucessful workaround was to disable gcc-inplace-math and add a bzip2 dependency to gcc6.  I now have a partial bulk build rolling on CentOS 7 using gcc6.

I also had to add m4 and bzip2 to the long exemption list that was needed for gcc48:

.if empty(PKGPATH:Mlang/gcc6) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mpkgtools/cwrappers) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mdevel/nbpatch) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mpkgtools/digest) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Msysutils/checkperms) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mlang/perl5) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mdevel/p5-gettext) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mconverters/help2man) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mdevel/autoconf) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mconverters/p5-Unicode-EastAsianWidth) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mdevel/libtool-base) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Marchivers/pax) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mlang/gcc6-libs) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mdevel/ncurses) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mmisc/p5-Locale-libintl) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mtextproc/p5-Text-Unidecode) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mdevel/gtexinfo) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mdevel/gettext-tools) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mdevel/gettext-lib) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mdevel/gmp) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mmath/mpfr) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mmath/cloog) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mmath/isl) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Marchivers/xz) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Mdevel/m4) && \
    empty(PKGPATH:Marchivers/bzip2) && \


.endif  # GCC_REQD

Not sure yet if any of these deps are unique to gcc48 and could be pruned here.

Still just the beginning.  It remains to be seen how gcc6 will fare is the base compiler for a full bulk build.  I'll hopefully be able to report on that in about a week.

I'm trying gcc6 before gcc5 or gcc7, BTW, because it seems to be the most popular choice for a modern, but stable GCC.

Earth is a beta site.

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