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Re: [PATCH] devel/readline: more proper libtool usage; specify --tag=CC

Am Thu, 5 Oct 2017 14:05:11 +0200
schrieb Thomas Klausner <>:

> Usually this kind of problem is solved by rebuilding and reinstalling
> libtool-base (and any other libtools you have installed).

In case my reply to myself doesn't make it through: I traced it down to
a difference in environment. CC=gcc is present in the scripted
environment I normally build pkgsrc in. That got recorded in libtool.
My recent failing builds came from running bmake manually with PATH set
up to find the pkgsrc stuff, but no CC in the environment. That
triggered a default of CC=cc (per share/mk/ … which seems to
alternate between CC?=cc and CC?=gcc for my installs) and broke libtool
guessing tag=CC.

I added CC=$CC_AT_BOOTSTRAP to my mk.conf now to avoid this in future.

Alrighty then,


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