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Re: buildlink not bringing in proper parts?

>> > I wanted to compile ffmpeg3 with librtmp, which is made available > through net/rtmpdump, but including net/rtmpdump/ doesn't > bring in /usr/local/lib/librtmp and friends. Can someone tell me what > I'm missing?
>> rtmp support is included in ffmpeg, so why bother? :)
>> Also, rtmpdump seems unmaintainted, or even merged into ffmpeg.
> librtmp supports rtmp handshaking beyond what the default rtmp supports, so compiling with --enable-librtmp is desirable in some cases.
> John

In that case, I cleaned up rtmpdump a little bit and added rtmp as an option to ffmpeg1, ffmpeg2, ffmpeg3. (All buildlink, build, and link correctly for me.)

Give it a try. :)


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