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Re: Importing Perl 6 and friends

> Thanks I know I dropped the ball half way through star. If it is any consolation I managed to make some noise upstream about the crazy/random file names and the like.
> If we both keep at it we will get something usable soon.

I'd love that! Speaking of which, the script does not
run for me in wp/p6-uri (with the set of 2017.07 versions):

=> Generating pre-install file lists
cd /usr/pkgsrc/wip/p6-uri/work/uri-bac75821337a2142c0f364a5deefc5ecbddd8ee4*
/usr/pkg/share/perl6/bin/ -for=site
Serialization Error: missing static code ref for closure 'BUILD'

  in sub MAIN at /usr/pkg/share/perl6/bin/ line 16
  in block <unit> at /usr/pkg/share/perl6/bin/ line 39

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