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tex metapackages

On Wed, Sep 06, 2017 at 04:49:51PM +0000, Thomas Klausner wrote:
 > Module Name:	pkgsrc
 > Committed By:	wiz
 > Date:		Wed Sep  6 16:49:48 UTC 2017
 > [...]
 > Removed Files:
 > 	pkgsrc/print/teTeX: DESCR Makefile
 > 	pkgsrc/print/teTeX3-bin: DESCR MESSAGE Makefile
 > 	pkgsrc/print/teTeX3-texmf: DESCR Makefile PLIST distinfo
 > Log Message:
 > Remove teTeX* packages and references to them.
 > teTeX was desupported in 2006, and we have texlive in pkgsrc since 2009.

However, meta-packages/ contains 43 texlive collections, none of which
is clearly "please install the things I need to prepare ordinary
documents if I'm not a tex geek", which was an important role of the
print/teTeX metapackage.

Can we have a meta-packages/tex or meta-packages/texlive (or some
similarly easy to find and identify name) that does this, please?

David A. Holland

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