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Re: upcoming freeze for 2017Q3, now in careful mode

On Sat, Sep 09, 2017 at 08:35:19AM +0200, Dr. Thomas Orgis wrote:
> Easy pickings should be various patches with gcrypt in the name.
> Several packages are missing dependencies to libgcrypt and that broke
> builds in very interesting ways. There are some other patches that are
> just about missing deps.

That doesn't sound right.

I suspect that some packages find and want to use libgcrypt if it's
already installed, but build fine without it. If necessary, the
appropriate --disable-gcrypt (or similar) CONFIGURE_ARGS should be
set; or if it's really a useful addition for the package, the
dependency can be added (but then PKGREVISION must be increassed).

Others look just plain wrong, for example graphics/glu's source has no
reference to gcrypt.h.

Please check them again more closely.


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