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Re: buildlink confusion if both quartz and x11 are set

> I don't enable the 'quartz' option.
Oh, what a pity!

> Looking at where it's used, gtk2 and gtk3 ensure that you can't have both 
> quartz and x11 set, so we should probably do the same with cairo and pango.
I'm totaly unsure about pango. It's used by gnuplot, which needs X11, so it 
may need an X11-enabled pango.

My machine just finished re-building pango with -x11, but building inkscape 
now fails with
	===> Creating toolchain wrappers for inkscape-0.92.1nb1
	ERROR: fontconfig>=2.10.93 fontconfig>=2.1nb2 is not installed; can't buildlink files.
(no more "pkg_info: can't find package `_BLNK_PKG_DBDIR.libXft_not_found'"
line in between now)

How the hell can I debug this?

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