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Re: Add c++11 to USE_LANGUAGES

On 14/04/2017 01:08, Sevan Janiyan wrote:
> For the sake of completeness as C++11 first showed up in GCC 4.7
> 4.7 - 14 - various

I see Joerg's reply in the archive but I'm yet to received a copy in my
For the sake of completeness here's the previous time the question came up.

It answers some of the questions like the reason for opting to settle on
I'd say as grep showns and as the reason for the previous thread, we
have a mixture of packages using different C++ compilers already. I
disagree that this makes it worse, I think it would open the path to
clearing up those packages which set GCC to 4.7 or higher, reducing the
number of compilers used across the tree.
A method needs to be made available which sets the relevant options to
remove the need of having to set things on a per package basis.
The number of packages which only set -std=c++11 is a lot higher than
those which state $GCC_REQD, this would also open the path to cleaning
those up.


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