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Re: www/serf install permissions fix

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 01:01:33PM -0500, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
> On 04/05, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
> > 1. It checks for group- or world-writable files.  If it should only
> >    check for world-writable files, obviously it's trivial to change it
> >    to do that.
> I've decided that checking for group-writable files is too strict.
> I just tried to build devel/protobuf and came across two packages
> that have distfiles with group-writable files: www/libuv and
> devel/googletest.  If that's at all indicative of what's out there, I
> suspect a full bulk build would have a terrible time.  So, I've updated
> the patch to only check for world-writable files.  The updated patch is
> below.

Frankly, I don't care about writeable distfiles. If you share your
system with other users, use a top-level directory that is only
executable by your user. Everything else is already handled by
checkperms, even if the result might get ignored.


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