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Re: New package asterisk11-vicidial

On 03/17/2017 05:01 PM, Alberto Mijares wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Perhaps many of you already know vicidial ( For those who
> don't, it's a web interface for asterisk-based PBX's. There's a distro
> and a bundle of distributions modified by vendor. My goal here is to
> package those upstream distributions and have it available in pkgsrc.
> Right now, the Makefile is based on comms/asterisk, since this is the
> respective version, but it's not working due to a PLIST problem in
> lang/guile20.

Some update here:

I made some modifications to the package. Now the Makefile is more like
the one you can find in comms/asterisk package, including files and
patches. It still doesn't work on FreeBSD, though.

The next step is to package the vicidial app itself, so this package has
more sense and some of you fell motivated to help with a fix for FreeBSD.

Thanks in advance.


Alberto Mijares

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