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freeze for 2017Q1: March 21 at 0000Z, now in careful mode

Over the last year or so our freezes have become shorter and less
dramatic, which has been great, and my impresssion is that generally
people are happy about this.  After consulting with Thomas, I'd like to
nudge us a bit more to fewer changes in freeze and to continue the
faster freeze cycle.

The freeze for 2017Q1 will start at March 21 at 0000Z, with expected
branch cut around March 29-31.  I'd like this freeze to be bug and
security fixes only (with micro-version updates ok to carry security
fixes) -- more or less the stable branch pullup criteria.  So please
update anything you want updated for the branch now, rather than during
the freeze.  (This is less welcoming to in-freeze leaf package updates
than before, and to updates that could have been done pre-freeze but
weren't, but otherwise more or less the same.)

Starting now, please only make changes to pkgsrc if:

  You are confident that the changes will not cause problems (including
  new failures to build on less-common platforms, and depending packages
  newly failing to build), but that if problems arise,

  you will be able to fix them, and will actually fix them, by the time
  the freeze starts.

I don't intend to ask you to refrain in many situations, and the above
is intentionally non-specific about changes (only consequences), so
there is no notion of asking for exceptions.  As an example, it would
probably not be prudent this week to update a widely-used library to a
new version with a different build system, or to a new branch which
removes support for a bunch of deprecated interfaces.  But if you think
something is maybe too disruptive and important to be in this branch,
feel free to ask on tech-pkg for other opinions.

While this message is primarily aimed at those with commit access, the
assistance of everyone in the pkgsrc community is appreciated in
creating another quality branch.  Everyone can help by updating their
trees to pkgsrc-current, starting any time but especially once the
freeze starts, and building and testing the software they rely on (via
bulk builds, pkg_rolling-replace, or whatever), reporting issues, and
providing fixes.


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