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Re: Modifications to INSTALL/DEINSTALL (mk/pkginstall)

On Wed, Feb 08, 2017 at 09:30:37AM +0100, Edgar Fu? wrote:
> > This "UNPACK" action assumes the metadata directory is mutable, which 
> > may not be true for other package formats than the pkgsrc "pkg" format.
> How are you going to register a package's installation if the metadata 
> directory is immutable?

Let me clarify:

  * pkg_add(1) and pkg_delete(1) can write directly into metadata

  * Shell functions provided by INSTALL and DEINSTALL templates in
    mk/pkgformat/pkg (so they are specific to the "pkg" package format) can
    write directly into the metadata directories.

However, the INSTALL and DEINSTALL scripts themselves (minus any bits
pulled in from mk/pkgformat/pkg) will not write into the metadata

This would allow the INSTALL and DEINSTALL scripts to be used by other
package formats that don't require or forbid being able to write directly
into metadata directories.

-- Johnny C. Lam

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