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Re: Continuing refactoring of "pkgformat" out of pkgsrc

I don't know of any active ones.

The inactive ones I know about are:

+ I had some diffs to create pkgng-style freebsd packages, but not sure where they went. If necessary, I can look, but I don't think changes were that intrusive
+ the old GSoC project that was the start of this is still around: -- not sure how well these have aged, but the infrastructure part of pkgsrc has not drastically changed in years


On 2 February 2017 at 19:22, Johnny C. Lam <> wrote:
Are there any active projects on continuing to refactor pkgsrc to hide the
the pkgformat?  We will need this to support other package formats.  If
there is already someone else work on this, I would like to contribute.  If
not, I will start working on this as I need this as a prerequesite for some
future pkgsrc enhancements.

-- Johnny C. Lam

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