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Re: BAD Python compilation directives

On 25.01.2017 19:16, Jesus Cea wrote:
> I am a Python Core developer and the owner of the bsddb3 Berkeley DB
> bindings for Python. The original code, not the pkgsrc integration.


> I just migrated to SmartOS and I noticed that current bsddb3 bindings
> can not find the Berkeley DB libraries in the system.
> I have updates my module to expand the search and now it compiles
> cleanly on SmartOS native zones and, I hope (somebody could try?) on
> other pkgsrc supported systems.
> In the process, nevertheless, I have found an issue with the flags used
> to compile both Python 2 and Python 3.
> Long story short:
> - You are using "-I/opt/local/include/db4" with Python 3. That is
> completely unnecessary, because Python 3 doesn't include a bsddb module.
> It was dropped in the 2->3 transition. My guess is that that flag was
> just kept when Python 3 was integrated, using python 3 integration as a
> template. It should be simply dropped, it has no effect in python but it
> has a (negative) effect when compiling external modules, in this case
> the bsddb3 bindings.
> - Python 2 also has "-I/opt/local/include/db4" in order to compile the
> builtin bsddb bindings. Nevertheless, that is wrong. The search details
> should be patched in the bsddb source code, not in thru python
> compilation flags. If you do that, it will interfere with other external
> modules like... my bsddb3 bindings.
> Since I am a python core developer, I plan to include support for pkgsrc
> in the included bsddb code for future Python 2.7.14, so these kludges
> can be dropped.


> My questions then are:
> 1. I usually work against Joyent pkgsrc repository. Supposedly they
> would move those patches upstream. Given the nature of the issues and
> the unknown (so far, I just starting this journey) diligence of Joyent,
> maybe should I try a up to down strategy?.

Nothing is enforced, there are several ways to submit patches:
 - IRC (FreeNode #pkgsrc)
 - Problem Report (PR) via
 - GitHub pull request in Joyent's pkgsrc repository
 - mailing list (here)
 - pkgsrc-wip
 - via a developer

It depends what is convenient to you.

If patches are generic - not specific to SmartOS, it might be easier to
just submit patches to pkgsrc via PR. It will deduplicate the work.

As of now, there is no a specific developer dedicated to maintaining
Python in pkgsrc.

> 2. What versions of pkgsrc should I target?. "current" (future 2017Q1)
> only?. Joyent supports 201XQ4 for three years, if I recall correctly.

Upstream pkgsrc patches should prepared for pkgsrc-current.

> 3. If you decide that I should do this work on original pkgsrc instead
> of Joyent one, how must I proceed?. Are pkgsrc developer guide details
> current?.

Useful documentation:

> 4. When Python 2.7.14 is out, what would be the procedure to clean the
> "unneeded" patches in pkgsrc?.

Please just submit a patch. A patch can delete files.

> Is this the right mailing list to discuss those issues?.


> Any advice welcomed. Thanks.

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