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macos/cwrappers: cpp leads to "exec failed"

(I am rebuilding my usual packages from pkgsrc head on multiple machines,
as I usually do during the freeze.  Mostly things are in good shape.)

I am trying to build bup (0.28.1) on macos 10.12, with
"PKGSRC_COMPILER=ccache clang" and mostly defaults, which means

bup's configure fails because cpp doesn't work.   It seems to have
slightly strange expectations of cpp, but it also seems that the wrapper
fails on every invocation.  Running the wrapper by hand, I get:

  $ CWRAPPERS_CONFIG_DIR=work/.cwrapper/config ./work/.cwrapper/bin/cpp
  exec failed

If I do that on netbsd-7 amd64, and hit ^D, I get some normal-looking
null-input cpp output:

  # 1 "<stdin>"
  # 1 "<built-in>"
  # 1 "<command-line>"
  # 1 "<stdin>"

If I use USE_CWRAPPERS=no on macos 10.12, bup builds fine.  But I also
see that shwrapppers do not have a cpp wrapper.

If I use the same comand but run other wrappers, they seem to work fine.

I should build the wrappers with -g and run gdb, but I'm out of cycles
for today.  Any other ideas?

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