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distcc broken with cwrappers?

I have a system on which I have used distcc for many years.  I have
recently upgraded the system and the remote build machine from netbsd-6
i386 to netbsd-7 amd64.  As part of the branch, I updated pkgsrc to head
and kicked off a pkg_rolling-replace.

My mk.conf has, more or less:

PKGSRC_COMPILER=	ccache distcc gcc

This used to word.  I found that all my jobs were running locally, and
it was not clear why.  The atime of /usr/pkg/bin/distcc was not
changing.  I added USE_CWRAPPERS=no, and now distcc is working again - I
see the atime of distcc being updated, and I see compile jobs running on
the remote build machine.

So I wonder if this is working ok for other people.

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